SHEEK Organics

SHEEK Organics. body beautiful

SHEEK Organics is a high-end, all organic body care company.
Our goal is to elevate raw and organic to their well-deserved status of high-end chic.

Because who said that raw and organic cannot be sleek and elegant? 

SHEEK Organics. Body Beautiful

Boss of SHEEK Natasha Chatlein

I founded SHEEK Organics in December 2016, a natural cosmetics company of hand-made, small-batch body and beauty products.

Our mission is to elevate raw, organic ingredients to their well-deserved "Luxury" status, by sourcing top quality beyond organic, unrefined or minimally processed exotic butters, oils, and waxes in our formulations.

Think Ucuuba, Mango, Murumuru, Kokum, and Cupuaçu butters in addition to the more familiar Shea and Cocoa butters and Coconut oil, and Tuberose floral wax in addition to beeswax.

Only 100% pure essential oils are used for scenting all our products, adding aromatherapeutic benefits to balance, harmonize and promote the health of mind, body and spirit! We add zero fixatives, and avoid as much as possible adding synthetic preservatives, parabens, and/or phtalates.

Now, I feel that "Luxury" doesn't have to mean stuffy or boring! So even though we are all about sleek elegance and "sheek" here at SHEEK Organics, we also love quirky and fun! Come take a peek at our unique scent combinations!

Who said that raw and organic couldn’t be elegant and sexy...
— Natasha, Boss of SHEEK