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SHEEK Organics. body beautiful

SHEEK Organics is a high-end, all organic body care company.
Our goal is to elevate raw and organic to their well-deserved status of high-end chic.

Because who said that raw and organic cannot be sleek and elegant? 

SHEEK Organics. Body Beautiful

Hippie-Dippy Peace Soap

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Hippie-Dippy Peace Soap


Radiate positive vibes, you free spirit you! Let the unique fragrances of Patchouli and Cedarwood touch your mind and soul, and let the Jasmine essential oil invite over Aphrodite. Peace, man!

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All organic ingredients:
Coconut Oil | Palm oil | Safflower oil | Kosher vegetable glycerin | Goat's milk | Honey | Purified water | Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent) | Sorbitol (moisturizer) | Sorbitan oleate | Soy bean protein (conditioner) | Oat Protein | Titanium Dioxide | Chamomile infused olive oil | Cedarwood essential oil | Patchouli essential oil | Jasmin essential oil | Ground coffee | Pink Himalayan Salt