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SHEEK Organics. body beautiful

SHEEK Organics is a high-end, all organic body care company.
Our goal is to elevate raw and organic to their well-deserved status of high-end chic.

Because who said that raw and organic cannot be sleek and elegant? 

SHEEK Organics. Body Beautiful

CalenduLavender Ylang Serenity Snowflake


CalenduLavender Ylang Serenity Snowflake


A relaxing goat's milk soap with Ylang-Ylang essential oil and real Lavender and Calendula petals in a fun shape that is gentle on skin and perfect for mom-and-baby bath time (or dad-and-baby of course!). Additional lavender and lemon essential oils have a calming and soothing effect, making this soap perfect for use before sleepy-time. 

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All organic ingredients: 
Coconut Oil | Palm oil | Safflower oil | Kosher vegetable glycerin | Goat's milk | Honey | Purified water | Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent) | Sorbitol (moisturizer) | Sorbitan oleate | Soy bean protein (conditioner) | Oat Protein | Titanium Dioxide | Chamomile infused olive oil | Calendula infused grapeseed oil | Dried Lavender flowers | Dried Calendula petals | Lavender Essential Oil | Lemon Essential Oil | Ylang-Ylang essential oil | Cedarwood essential oil